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Atualizado: 18 de out. de 2021

Estão abertas as submissões até o dia 10/11/2021 para o evento “2022 Global Meeting on Law & Society" que acontecerá online e em Lisboa (Portugal) entre os dias 13 e 16 de julho de 2022.

Plenary sessions will take up these concerns and center important research and conversations about dismantling and reimagining social, legal, and political structures that perpetuate and instantiate racism and inequality in society. That is, even though slavery and colonialism are tragic common bonds and legacies in the modern world, this meeting will unpack how to move forward to forge more equitable societies.

A key part of our meeting, then, will involve critically examining the success and failures of prior efforts and strategies and remedies for reckoning with colonialism and slavery’s fraught pasts. We welcome scholars from throughout the world to substantively engage on these issues and envision a future that takes seriously the challenges of the past and present.

The 2022 Program Committee invites individual and fully-formed panel submissions for what will be an exciting and challenging meeting. As always, the Program Committee welcomes any scholar studying sociolegal questions to submit a paper proposal. While the pandemic situation remains challenging, we are currently planning for the conference itself to be largely in person, with a limited hybrid component. Any individual panel will be either entirely in person or entirely virtual. We may be able to expand the time slots for panels so as to enhance participation by international scholars unable to travel to Lisbon. For now, however, we request only the substantive proposals. The Program Committee also welcomes the submission of complete panels of four to five papers in languages other than English. Submissions of individual paper proposals will be accepted in English.

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